Shanti Home Psychiatry Rehabilitation Unit

Shanti Home Psychiatry Rehabilitation Unit (Greater Noida) is a 50 bedded unit with short stay and long stay residential facility. The unit provides psychosocial rehabilitation services by multidisciplinary clinical mental health expert team for patients with chronic neuropsychiatric disorders with the functional disability of varying degree. The approach is structured psychosocial rehabilitation program tailored as per the individual patient's needs. It includes the initial comprehensive assessment of psychopathology and severity of the illness, associated positive symptoms and negative or deficit states, global assessment of functioning and disability if any using structured assessment tools, detailed assessment of family dynamics and social support, the available resource which may be utilized during the rehabilitation process. After the initial stabilization stage and initiation of activity scheduling a comprehensive intervention plan is initiated targeting the deficit areas, skills development, cognitive retraining if necessary followed by vocational training component. The process includes individual and group sessions as well as family intervention sessions. Cognitive Behavioural strategies are used for intervention. Towards the later stages insight facilitation and independent responsibility for compliance to medications is also attempted. 

The unit also provides Day care facility.


Shanti Home Psychiatry Rehabilitation Unit, Block G, Sector Alpha II, Gate No. 5, Greater Noida (UP), India Telephone nos: +91- 1204541377,78,79,80 Mob: +91-9711998538, 986895604,9999773288

Facilities and Infrastructure

  • OPD facility for Psychiatric Consultation, Counselling and treatment with Prior appointment.

  • Follow up care services

  • Inpatient facilities include  twin Sharing and General Ward facility.

  • Spacious rooms and surrounding Lawns

  • In house Kitchen Serving wholesome, nutritious meals several times a day

  • Multidisciplinary clinical mental health team

  • Regular counselling

  • Yoga therapy

  • Acupuncture therapy

  • Group therapy Session

  • Music Sessions

  • Games and other Physical Activities to keep patients active and involved

  • Vocational training and placements.

  • Outings and recreational programmes including picnics, eating out activities, visits to local markets, malls, movie outings as part of Rehabilitation programme.