School Mental Health Programme

School Mental Health Programme:

It is a well established that today's students have been experiencing pulls and pushes in many different directions from changing life styles, different occupational choices, rising expectations, media, friends and models of social relationships. The rat and race of progress and cut throat competition in the society has put a heavy toll on students.

It is in this context that a role of Mental Health Professional becomes important who by their experiences in dealing emotional and behavioural problems can help in the total development of the student.

School Mental Health Program of Shanti Home was initiated in the year 2013 considering the increasing demands from the schools and parents for mental health guidance and counselling services.

Objectives of School Mental Health Programme:

  • Primarily to sensitize and orient teachers to help and recognise the problems faced by children at the early stage.

  • Improving Mental Health of Children and Adolescents by reaching out to the communiy and intervening at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

  • Increasing Awareness on Mental Health Issues among children and youths.

In this endeavour, we are currently working with esteemed Institutions and schools in Greater Noida.