Free Mental Health Clinic at Kasna Jail, Gr Noida

Free Mental Health Satellite Clinic at Kasna District  Jail, Greater Noida , Uttar Pradesh


Shanti Home Psychiatry Rehabilitation Unit Greater Noida in association with Draupadi Devi Memorial Trust (DDMT)  has started Free Mental Health Satellite Clinic at Kasna District Jail (UP) on occasion of World Mental Health Week on  12th October,  2014. The Kasna District Jail has a capacity of about 10,000 inmates kept under various sections of IPC. Till date, as there was no Psychiatry service Facility available in the Greater Noida district, all the persons requiring mental Health and Drug Deaddiction interventions were either referred to Meerut for Outpatient consultation and Varanasi for Inpatient treatment. The very distance and the human resources required for such treatment  would  invariably make follow up visits a difficult task. As a result, patients would continue on medications till further visit is possible. No emergency intervention was possible for patients developing a complication during this period. The urgent need for intervention and active support and initiative of the Jail Superintendent, the team Shanti Home along with DDMT have started weekly clinic within the premises of Kasna Jail. The team of doctors also provide emergency back up to the Jail Authorities as and when required. The team with help of the Jail Medical Officer, Chief Pharmacist and the other supporting staff of the Jail Hospital has started the inpatient services to those patients requiring intensive intervention. The initiative has been helpful as no patient required to be sent to Varanasi or Meerut for Psychiatry treatment after the starting of the clinic. The active screening process has also been initiated to screen all the inmates for mental health morbidity. The team hopes to initiate positive Mental Health Initiatives in near future.