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Schizophrenia Awareness

Global Mental Health Day 2016

Suicide Prevention Day 2015

Alzheimer's disease awareness

Mental Health Stigma

Understanding Depression

Schizophrenia Day 2017

Samvaad on Schizophrenia

Independence Day Celebration

Global Mental Health Day 2017

Christmas Celebration 2017

Republic Day Celebration 2018

Holi Celebration 2018

Mental Illness & Stigma

Schizophrenia Day 2018

Shanti Home Rehab

Vocational Training

World Suicide Prevention Day

Mental Health Month 2018

Workshop on ACT & DBT 2018

Diwali Preparation 2018

Suicide Prevention Awareness along with IPS

International Day of People with Disability

Prevocational Training Program

Christmas Celebration 2018

Lohri Celebration 2019

Republic Day at Celebration 2019